motion from the week | 7 oct 2019

This week’s project was slightly different than those in my previous posts, and quite frankly, different from anything I’d worked on before. My friend, Xavier, who is a talented photographer and videographer was hired to film a wedding the Saturday before last. The general outline of the day, not unlike most, started with some ‘getting ready’ shots, a first look, riding around Brussels in tuk tuks, and then off to the ceremony with an evening reception to complete the night. Again, not too different than what you’ve come to expect.

However, Xavier was asked to not only film everything during the day, but was also asked to edit a 3-minute showreel that would be shown at the reception highlighting what the bride and groom had been doing all day. That’s where I came into the picture, volunteering to help edit. Luckily, wedding videos are fairly sequential so I thought it would be rather easy to piece the video together. The tricky part was not knowing what footage I was given because when it’s you doing the shooting, you tend to remember which clips worked well and which didn’t, and you have a good idea of the content that’s available. I had no idea what I was working with, and only had 4 hours to edit the entire video, but when I hit export at 8:58pm for the 9:00pm showing, it was a proud and much needed sigh of relief that immediately followed.

The video is far from perfect, the colors will need plenty of work before the final edit is delivered, but Xavier and I can hold our heads high knowing we did what was asked of us. The bride and groom loved the video, by the way, so all is well! Enjoy the video!

Gear Used: Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019


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