stills from the week | 2 sep 2019

Part of my 9-5, which is anything but, takes me to quite a few breweries to shoot. For me, it’s the best of both worlds being a lover of photography and beer (all kinds). Watching the production of beer, or really the production of anything for that matter, can give you such a better understanding and appreciation for the finished product, and getting as close to the action as I do, while trying to capture it in unique and creative ways, is definitely a rewarding way to spend my days.

This past week, I traveled south to the Belgian town of Waterloo, famously known for its namesake battle in 1815. Here, Brasserie de Waterloo brews up a nice range of beers alongside some distilled spirits, too. Seeing that they’re located on a farm, it’s no surprise they’ve also got some hops growing in their courtyard, which just so happens to be the reason for my visit.

I was there to capture some stills and video of the hop harvest, and to follow one of their brewers around as he hand-picked these hops growing on the exterior of the brewery. Up and down the ladder he went grabbing as many buds as he could, and I got to enjoy it all from behind the lens. Hope you enjoy the shots!

Gear Used: camera - sony a7iii | lenses - sony 85mm f/1.8, sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art