stills from the week | 23 sep 2019

Construction in Belgium is often humorous to the point of pure aggravation. Long delays and uncertainty about the purpose of the project seem to be associated with each sidewalk closure, unearthed street corner, and scaffolding tower. Not to mention maneuvering through, around, or under the aforementioned construction constants, which requires a certain level of trust.

On the walk back from a recent Brussels Bike Polo event at Place Louis Morichar, we saw some scaffolding being unloaded, assembled, and raised on what we noticed was our street. With each step it became clear that not only was it our street, our block, and our side of the road, it was our building that won the construction lottery. Enjoy the photos, and let’s hope we get our balcony back sometime soon.

Gear Used: camera - sony a7iii | lenses - sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art

Clifford shared a drawing with you.png