stills from the week | 28 oct 2019

Weddings and beer are more or less the two topics I enjoy shooting the most. Each presents a different set of challenges, a different approach to capturing a scene, and both provide an enormous sense of satisfaction when shot well.

While this was by no means a comprehensive wedding shoot, I had just as much fun shooting a wedding happy hour this past Friday at Beer Mania (hence the opening line). Our friends, Joanie and Jared, tied the knot earlier in the day at the Ixelles commune, and they followed it up in the evening with a cocktail hour at their favorite bottle shop. It was certainly an informal shoot to capture the friends and family, but we couldn’t help but sneak off to grab a few shots around the shop.

Note: the curved-stem glasses you’ll see in a few of the pictures are for the beer Mea Culpa, which is produced by the owner of the shop. It only made sense that the first shot you see featured a set. Enjoy the photos, and cheers to Joanie and Jared!

Gear Used: camera - sony a7iii | lenses - sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art


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